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Corporate Responsibility

Each year we strive to be better - to create technology that can change the world, technology that makes a positive difference in the lives of our customers. It’s our commitment to act as a responsible corporation. We value corporate responsibility and work toward better understanding - and balancing - our needs as a business and our role in improving the lives of those around us. Our progress to these results can be found throughout this Web site.

Measuring Corporate Responsibility
Our strategy for corporate responsibility is simple - to take responsibility for our actions. To do that, we believe we must recognize where we can make the most measurable impact and align our commitments. From there, we then develop measures for reporting our progress and communicating that progress.

Corporate Accountability

Moving our business forward responsibly is an important tenet of our commitment to corporate responsibility. We understand that being a trustworthy company means we have an obligation to operate more efficiently, optimize returns and manage our company with integrity.
corporate responsibility
Helping you succeed
Customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen carefully to their needs and desires, and collaborate to find new ways to make technology work harder for them. In all we do, we're focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and more effective outcomes so our customers can overcome obstacles, achieve their ideas and pursue their dreams. Above all, we are committed to the superior long-term value they need to grow and thrive.