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Mainframe Services at Acuity IT Solutions - an overview

It is estimated that, even today, the critical business operations of most of the enterprises are run on mainframe applications and systems. Today, about 70% enterprises have mainframe applications and systems in their IT infrastructure, with about 25% having them at the core of their processes, making it a popular and proven platform for running very large mission-critical applications.

Acuity IT Solutions understands the challenges of high maintenance costs and consolidation of mainframe environments and strategic importance of the modernization of mainframe applications. The companies also need to address the key decisions about the mainframe applications.

Acuity IT Solutions mainframe practice provides an extensive portfolio of services to address some of these typical business challenges. We have the expertise in multiple domains, various mainframe platforms, and tools. This, combined with our proven methodologies, ensures efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Acuity IT Solutions overcome Mainframe Services Challenges

Despite its popularity and pervasiveness, CIOs are facing challenges in leveraging their Mainframes to maximize Business Value. Team of our skilled professionals provides optimum mainframe solutions and addresses the most critical issues of mainframe services like:

  • High cost of ownership
  • Unavailability of skilled resources
  • Complexity involved
  • Maintainability of the application portfolio
  • Planning and architecting IT for future demand

Business Benefits of Acuity IT Solutions

The Mainframe practice at Acuity IT Solutions is a single-window shop that delivers solutions for your business specific requirements and helps you in:

  • Reducing TCO and complexity involved with Mainframe applications/operations
  • Increase the business flexibility of your existing systems
  • Modernize the existing Mainframe applications
  • Migrate the existing Mainframe applications to the latest and standardized technology/platforms
  • Integrate your day-to-day business operations and application portfolio

Mainframe Services offerings by Acuity IT Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring and Management of Mainframe and Nonstop system
  • Application design, development and maintenance
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Support for applications and solutions running on mainframe and HP Nonstop
  • Capacity planning for mainframe and HP Nonstop system
  • Automation for the applications running on mainframe and HP Nonstop system.
  • Administration of HP Nonstop Systems
  • High Availability review of applications running on HP Nonstop systems