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Enterprise Integration at Acuity IT Solutions - an overview

An Enterprise Integration aim is to connect and combines people, processes, systems, and technologies to ensure that the right people and the right processes have the right information and the right resources at the right time.

To keep up with the fast pace of business and escalating customer demands, organizations must have the ability to respond quickly to change. However, doing so requires an enterprise architecture that allows information to flow seamlessly between departments and across geographies.

Acuity IT Solutions Enterprise Integration practice provides a structured information processing and delivery framework that has helped leading organizations break down information barriers across the enterprise. Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Integration services delivers an end-to-end solution that addresses the four critical elements of business operations: business, people, process and IT. Our Enterprise Application Integration solution offerings also have the capability to provide live information across multiple business applications and analyses to the customer's management and internal users to aid the business decision-taking process.

Our Approach towards Enterprise Integration

With agility and scalability at the core of its approach, Acuity IT Solutions has built a focus group with the purpose of developing a vast experience and knowledge base in the EI space. With a dedicated practice that focuses on Business Process Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Business-to-Business technologies, Acuity IT Solutions covers the entire gamut of enterprise integration services. Our Enterprise Application Integration solution suite allows compatibility between the customer's vast array of legacy systems and databases that do not comply with one another. It also provides customers with scalability with business growth, and the facility to generate MIS reports from comprehensive message tracing at various levels.

Our Enterprise Application Integration solutions are designed to deliver measurable results and rapid ROI, and strike the right balance between business and IT needs. Using an end-to-end, Modeled-to-Measure TM approach that customizes our Enterprise Integration solutions, professionals at Acuity IT Solutions has expertise in integrated business practices that span organizations, people, systems and applications. The Modeled-to-Measure TM methodology makes it easy to propagate standard business procedures and information across an organization's value chain, to better leverage the value of Enterprise Integration investments.

Benefits of Enterprise Integration by Acuity IT Solutions

  • Higher rate of adoption of the solution by all users
  • Faster and more dependable decision making processes, enabled by reliable and up to date information
  • Acceleration of the business processes

Areas of Enterprise Integration services we serve

  • Enterprise application integration (intra-enterprise)
  • B2B and B2C integration
  • Legacy integration