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Application Portfolio Optimization at Acuity IT Solutions - an overview

Application Portfolio Management can help focus scarce IT resources onto business priorities. The operations of your business are managed by complex application portfolio. As a result, your application portfolio is a critical business asset and it must be managed as such. Acuity IT Solutions Application Portfolio Optimization service line helps organizations increase their business value while decreasing the overall costs of each application. These results are achieved by assessing the economic, functional and technical viability of each critical application and then developing a road map that defines multiple optimization scenarios such as migrating applications to a cheaper and more flexible platform or retiring specific applications.

Acuity IT Solutions Application Portfolio Optimization services benefits

Analysis to ensure Business and IT alignment. Prioritize strategies to identify applications which are to be invested in, maintained and retired. Analysis of applications to identify applications which can be outsourced to keep support costs lower. We recognize that sustaining high performance is dependent on a well-run process that establishes a rigorous governance and portfolio management discipline. Our Acuity IT Solutions Application portfolio and Optimization practice enables organizations to strip out unnecessary operating costs while reducing capital spend and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. Our specialists can help to answer the big questions about whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance – or rebuild – applications in the portfolio.

Our Solution

Acuity IT Solutions Application Portfolio Management solution gives IT executives a strategic advantage to the greater business. IT executives can

  • Conduct ongoing assessments of the application portfolio to inventory and measure strategic importance.
  • Track key business metrics such as risk, performance, total cost, user satisfaction and overall value.
  • Link demand and project work to applications or services.
  • Decrease costs while maximizing resource use with intelligent investment decisions.
  • Implement best practices quickly with the Application Portfolio Management accelerator.

Acuity IT Solutions goal 

More value from existing applications with reduced costs, more manageable application portfolio, limited business disruption, and decreased risk.