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IT Governance at Acuity IT Solutions - an overview

IT Governance is a subset of a company’s corporate governance strategy. As IT grows in importance in an organization and permeates a business, it presents risks for a company and it must be controlled.

Acuity IT Solutions dedicated IT Governance Center of Excellence (Coe) helps businesses to adopt effective IT Outsourcing Governance strategies that will help them control, comply and align IT with business priorities. These strategies enable IT and the businesses to function in tandem as a cohesive unit that delivers real value to the organization. Acuity IT Solution is an industry-leading IT Governance solutions, enables IT organizations to achieve world-class performance by improving the quality of their engagement with the business and enhancing their ability to run at peak efficiency.

Our IT Outsourcing Governance solutions ensure the unlocking of real cost savings and innovation value delivery through establishing the integrative systems and incorporating best practices to enable optimal management of our customer's IT portfolio. Acuity IT Solutions is a leading provider of on demand solutions for effective Outsourcing Governance, vendor performance management and ITIL services delivery

Acuity IT Solutions take the complexity, cost and risk out of IT Governance.

IT Governance solutions is the sure way to keep IT focused on the priorities vital to your enterprise. Now with Acuity IT Solutions, you can have IT Governance up and running in a few weeks.

  • Make sure all IT efforts add bottom-line value.
  • Instantly see everything IT is doing.
  • Prioritize new initiatives and sustaining IT tasks.
  • Effectively manage IT resources.
  • Capture and approve all IT requests from a single location.
  • Easily measure and demonstrate IT results.

IT Governance Benefits Provided by Acuity IT Solutions:

  • Business-based decision making
  • Closer alignment of IT with business
  • More predictable project outcomes
  • One source of truth for what's being asked of IT
  • One system of record for what IT is doing and current status
  • One system to merge top-down intent with bottom-up reality to deliver value
  • Better IT governance that is compliant with regulatory specifications
  • Cost reductions and productivity increases